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Tech 2 Global TIS / TIS 2000 Security enabled for TROOPER!

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Joined: 22 Sep 2018
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 15:16    Post subject: Tech 2 Global TIS / TIS 2000 Security enabled for TROOPER! Reply with quote


There have been many discussions about Tech 2 and getting security access on TIS 2000 / Global TIS for Isuzu Trooper. The problem is now solved!

As most of us know, clone Tech 2s supplied with the K-Line Isuzu card only allows reading/erasing fault codes, progamming injectors and ORPS, and of course, reading data at the most.
But when it comes to getting access to the IMMOBILIZER system, it's another story... Anyone who want / need access the IMMOBILIZER system will need Security Access from TIS.
In order to access the IMMOBILZER system, Tech 2 will ask to input the Car Pass security code which is a four digit code supplied to the customer on delivery of any new Trooper. While it is quite esay to get this code from IM, getting security access from TIS isn't as easy. Meanwhile, if one needs to program / re-program new keys, they must have "TIS approval". However, Tech 2 owners with Isuzu K-Line card struggle getting approval from TIS when this is needed. Why?

Here are at least two reasons that could prevent any chance of getting the approval:

1) TIS 2000 DVD supplied with clone Tech 2 is designed for the North American Operations (NAO). Therefore, the European Isuzu VIN numbers will never be recognised and despite one having a subscription, it will not work. Subscription is here simply useless.

2) The Isuzu Trooper is now an old vehicle and finding the right TIS software is quite impossible. Having spoken to a few Isuzu Dealers in the UK, I know from experience that most will not even attempt to program a key. And even if they did, I was quoted £180 from a dealer in Kent... that, without guarantee of successful programming...

But, having done a huge research on the subject (as I needed to program a new genuine set of keys and fobs for my 2003 (53) plate 4JX1 Trooper), I came to the point of thinking that if there is no way of getting the proper ISUZU TIS approval, why not try the OPEL / VAUXHALL Global TIS? Because in the end, the OPEL / VAUXHALL Monterey is only a rebadged proper ISUZU TROOPER! The only risk or problem one could face is that the Monterey VIN numbers stopped in 1999!

An example here would help understand what I wish to explain:
ISUZU VIN for Troopers went on up to 2004/2005 I'd assume. Mine is a 2003, built in 2002 from ISUZU data. The production date ended in 2002, but Isuzu continued selling the Trooper to some markets up to 2005. So chassis numbers were released according to the year the vehicle was actually sold in. A 2003 Trooper will have a VIN sequence number as follows: JACUBS73G3710XXXX. A 2004 Trooper would have had the following sequence: JACUBS73G4710XXXX and so on...

OPEL / VAUXHALL VIN for Montereys (Troopers anyway) are as follows: JACUBS73GW710XXXX (1998 model year) ; JACUBS73GX710XXXX (1999 model year). In this example, with the V32B OPEL / VAUXHALL Tech 2 card, you can access the ECU of any MONTEREY. But you cannot go over the year 1999 for the MONTEREY in the Tech 2. This is when it becomes interesting. Using a OPEL / VAUXHALL V32B Tech 2 card, you can access the diagnostics in a 2003 Trooper! You only need to tell the Tech 2 you are accessing a 1999 Monterey!
In the Tech 2, select diagnosis, model year 1999, Monterey and the Tech 2 prompts you to turn Ignition ON. When Igintion is ON, Tech 2 reads all data for the 2003 Trooper!

Using a V32B OPEL card in my Tech 2 even allowed me to access more options in my Trooper which I couldn't do with Isuzu K-Line card. This is the first benefit I had using an OPEL card. But that's not the end. I thought why not try getting the OPEL / VAUXHALL TIS, that way I could probably get TIS approval and have access to the IMMOBILIZER system on my 2003 Trooper?

So I went ahead and got myself an old computer loaded with Windows XP Pro, purchased an OPEL / VAUXHALL GLOBAL TIS lifetime licence. When everything was installed on the laptop, I plugged the Tech 2 to the ODB but the OPEL card would not allow to upload SPS data for the "MONTEREY". Because remember, the Tech 2 thinks it is a MONTEREY. And the SPS is not vailable for the Monterey. So, I swapped the OPEL card and put the ISUZU K-Line card back in the Tech 2. Here of course, the Tech 2 allows you to upload SPS data and a message prompts "Tech 2 is ready to get approval from TIS". Then I connected the Tech 2 to the laptop and requested "Security access" and BINGO! The tech 2 started downloading the security access and a message on the laptop showed "Enabled security access type 3".

Still, I couldn't beleive it would work. So the only way I could find out was to go back to the car and plug in the Tech 2 (with the ISUZU card in it). So I started the process to getting access to the IMMOBILIZER system and, after I was prompted to input the four digits car security code, I finally got full access to the IMMOBILIZER system progamming options.

I managed to program one new key, which is now programmed and fully working. The second new key is still blank so will need to have it cut sometime this week as you need to turn the Ignition ON when the Tech 2 prompts you to do so. The procedure is very simple so long as you have the TIS security access. Tech 2 prompts you to insert the key to be programmed, turn the Ignition ON, then OFF, then ON, then OFF. Then asks if you want to program new keys (YES/NO), done!!!

This is a long post, but essential for anyone who needs to have at least one spare key and, most important, if you need to replace the ECM and IMMOBILIZER. Plus you now have FULL access and control to all Tech 2 options for your Trooper.

So I can now positively confirm that OPEL / VAUXHALL GLOBAL TIS will allow security access for any ISUZU TROOPER.

If I have a chance, I will make a video when I program the other key and post it on Youtube.

Hope this will help and resolve a few issues when security access is needed on Troopers.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 15:16    Post subject: Google Ads keep this community free to join!

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Joined: 22 Sep 2018
Posts: 100
Location: London

PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2020 18:49    Post subject: Reply with quote


Third key programming successful. Just need to mention approval from TIS is required each time you log off Tech 2 after programming. Security access is not stored in Tech 2 at once. So after logging off from Tech 2, any attempt to access IMMONILIZER system will require Global TIS security approval. So once Global TIS is installed and enabled on the laptop, security access is at a finger click. Job done.
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